Nine major opportunities for electric buses and trucks

In 2016 The Greenlining Institute joined forces with The Union of Concerned Scientists to analyze the growing electric truck and bus industry, producing the report “Delivering Opportunity: How Electric Buses and Trucks Can Create Jobs and Improve Public Health in California.” While they focused on California, where electric buses and trucks are taking off rapidly, what they found has major implications for the whole country.

Especially at a time when many transit agencies across the country are committing to 100 percent electric, many states are increasing their efforts to get more electric cars, trucks and buses on the road and The Green New Deal is generating buzz and conversation on climate change.

Here are nine things they found:

  1. Transportation is the largest contributor to global warming in California and nationwide
  2. Trucks and buses form a major part of our air pollution problem
  3. Air pollution from transportation discriminates, hitting poor communities of color the hardest
  4. Electric trucks and buses are cleaner than diesel and natural gas vehicles
  5. Electric trucks and buses are far more energy efficient
  6. Electric truck and bus technology is here and ready to clean the air today
  7. The heavy-duty EV industry is creating good jobs
  8. This industry can be a great source of jobs for underserved communities — if workers get the training and skills they need
  9. It will take conscious effort to bring workers from marginalized communities into the electric truck and bus workforce

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