New York’s future is as a ‘smart city’

If you can imagine New York City in 25 years, what would it look like?

Start by envisioning a super- connected and efficient metropolis. Your morning commute begins by walking to your curb where an underground waste disposal is hidden by manicured grass. Sensors trigger a notification that your bin is full and needs to be picked up.

As you walk to the corner, a self-driving electric bus shuttle promptly arrives; it knows your stop from the smartphone app you wave as you enter. Streetlights will blaze green to prioritize the public bus you are on.

The building you arrive at for work is connected to a smart grid where sensors pass along data on energy, heat and water use. The street below is embedded with sensors to monitor traffic flow and parking. Autonomous vehicles are guided around heavy foot traffic during peak hours with temporary street closures; avenues are repurposed into daytime public spaces.

This is the imaginable future for New York and cities around the world.

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