Elon Musk Interviewed on AI and Self-driving Cars

Elon Musk was recently interviewed by Lex Fridman on the topic of AI and Self-Driving cars. Some of his comments included:

  • Self-driving cars will be five to ten times more valuable than non-self-driving cars.
  • Tesla has nearly 500,000 cars on the road with the full self-driving sensor suite.
  • Regulators will need data proving the self-driving needs to be at least two or three times safer than human driving. The amount of increased safety will be up to regulators.
  • Elon believes that having human monitoring of self-driving will start decreasing safety as the safety of self-driving increases.
  • Elon believes that there are gaps in deep learning approaches which need to be addressed to get to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). However, Elon believes AGI will be upon us very soon.

Watch the full interview or read more.

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