Five Takeaways from KPMG’s 2019 Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index

KPMG recently released its second annual Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index. The purpose of the document is to assess countries’ preparedness for autonomous vehicles. KPMG ranked a total of 25 countries on four different categories as they pertained to AVs: (1) Policy and Legislation; (2) Technology and Innovation; (3) Infrastructure; and (4) Consumer Acceptance. Here are five takeaways from the report:

  • Netherlands ranks as the country most prepared for autonomous vehicles. The country’s infrastructure and acceptance of AV technology make it particularly likely that the Dutch will accept AVs with open arms. Singapore ranks at number 2. KPMG notes that both countries could far outpace their competitors if they invested more in technology and innovation.
  • The United States ranks fourth on the list. Particular strengths for the US compared to other countries are technology and innovation and consumer acceptance of AV technology.
  • KPMG notes that a lack of national legislation regarding AVs may be holding the US back in terms of AV preparedness. However, it also points out that certain states, like Michigan and Virginia, have done an excellent job in becoming partners with AV manufacturers in terms of supporting AV development.
  • Twelve of the 25 countries included in the report are located in Europe. The non-European countries on the list include China, Japan, Israel and India.
  • Countries on the lower end of the list—notably Brazil, India, Mexico and Russia—rank high in terms of consumer acceptance. KPMG believes that the respective governments in these countries should take advantage of this consumer acceptance and invest more in AV technology.

Download the full report.

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