Autonomous Vehicles Bill in 2019? Senator Sees an Opening

Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.) indicated that his fellow senators have expressed interest in resuming considerations on legislation that would designate the necessary provisions for infrastructure, as well as safety associated with autonomous vehicles.

Thune stated that he is hopeful the legislation could be introduced in the near future, noting the opportunity for bipartisanship with Democrats who control the House. An autonomous vehicles bill in the previous Congress co-sponsored by Thune, who at the time chaired the Commerce Committee, failed to land on President Donald Trump’s desk as several Democrats pushed back on the legislation.

“I hope we can close the deal because we really do need to have this sort of framework in place that puts the safety guardrails around the technology,” Thune said February 13 at an event hosted by Axios in Washington. “But the technology is moving, and it’s important for Congress and federal policymakers to keep up with it.”

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