New Autonomous Vehicle Coalition to Educate the Public

A diverse group of automakers, non-profits and other industry stakeholders have launched a new coalition dedicated to educating the public and policymakers about the safety benefits of advanced vehicle technologies and self-driving vehicles.

The National Safety Council and Audi of America are co-chairing the coalition, which is known as Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE).

The coalition plans to hold events nationwide to introduce driver assistance and self-driving technology to consumers and policymakers. In addition, the group will offer educational workshops to guide federal, state and local officials in their efforts to make informed policy decisions. PAVE will also create and distribute a wide variety of educational materials including a website and social media content.

The mission is to clear up confusion about automated vehicles and bring realistic, factual information to policymakers and the public so that they understand the technology and its future potential. The coalition aims to codify language and ease driver wariness of self-driving vehicles, which the group views as potentially life-saving technology.

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