EPA investigating improper conduct in 2017 study

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently said it will investigate questions relating to a 2017 study used to justify regulations that cap annual production of glider kit trucks. The move is a response to a non-binding request from a group of lawmakers in the US House of Representatives.

The investigation, taken up by EPA’s Office of Inspector General, centers on a November report aimed at derailing a proposed rule intended to repeal Obama-era emissions regulations placed on glider kit trucks. The proposed rule was also published in November 2017, but it has not yet been made final. Those regulations limit glider kit builders, like Fitzgerald Glider Kits, to producing 300 completed gliders a year.

The study found that glider kit trucks produce emissions of nitrous oxide (NOx) and particulate matter at greater levels than that of new trucks equipped with new engines.

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