Study Finds Americans Still Wary of Autonomous Vehicles

In a recent Gallup poll, nearly 60% of the more than 3,000 survey participants said they would be uncomfortable riding in an autonomous vehicle. Survey participants were even more reluctant to share the road with driverless trucks, with nearly 70% stating that they would be uneasy. The responses varied by age, with those over 66 least likely to accept autonomous vehicles. Nearly 70% of those over age 66 said that they would be unlikely to use an autonomous vehicle, compared only 41% of millennials. For the time being, companies working on autonomous vehicles are investing heavily in research and testing to attempt to show the public that autonomous vehicles are safe. As a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Robotics and Automation Society said: “To build trust we need successful case studies where robots make a difference: easier, safer, faster and less painful are keywords that demonstrate the full potential of robotics.”

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