Your Self-Driving Pizza Is on the Way

Pizza Hut and Toyota have announced a partnership to develop fully autonomous delivery vehicles. The self-driving concept vehicle shown at the Consumer Electronics Show could support pizza delivery or even pizza making, potentially serving as a “mobile kitchen.” Pizza Hut has suggested that driverless vehicles could also open a door to job opportunities for people who do not own vehicles. In the meantime, Pizza Hut and Toyota will also test dual communication technology that allows Pizza Hut to capture data on its delivery drivers’ patterns and behaviors.

Domino’s Pizza, too, has been involved in testing self-driving pizza delivery vehicles. Domino’s has partnered with Ford to deliver some pizzas though an autonomous research vehicle (driven by a human, with other researchers along for the ride). The CEO of Domino’s recently predicted that a shift to self-driving vehicles would happen within the next 10 years, and possibly within in the next 3-5 years.

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