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Auto Manufacturers Believe Metal Tariffs Will Make Cars More Expensive

The proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from the EU, Canada and Mexico will make cars more expensive, threaten jobs and slow the adoption of technologies that keep consumers safe and save fuel, US automaker trade groups said. While automakers purchase most of their steel and aluminum for US plants from domestic producers, the alliance said the tariffs will drive up prices...

Arizona May Have The First City To Adjust Zoning Laws For Self-Driving Vehicles

In late 2017, Waymo announced they would be unleashing self-driving vehicles on the road in Chandler, Arizona. Now, while officials are still working on how to prepare for vehicles on the road, the Chandler City Council is addressing for the impact self-driving vehicles will have on parking. The ordinance, which chief city planner David de la Torre believes to be the first in the...

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