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Auto Insurance Rates Increasing?

According to insurance shopping website The Zebra, auto insurance rates have increased significantly in recent years – by 20% since 2011. According to the Insurance Information Institute, rates have risen 15% in the past two years, during which time insurance company profits have declined. Some of these increases are likely due to weather events, such as the several hurricanes in 2016....

Roads Remain Dangerous Places

The National Safety Council has stated that there were approximately 40,100 traffic-related fatalities in 2017, which was “near decade-high levels.” Although cars have gotten safer – over 20% of 2017 model year vehicles had some form of advanced driver assistance systems – traffic deaths increased sharply in 2016 and remained near that level last year. Some of the potential reasons for...

Waymo and Uber Settle Trade Secret Lawsuit

On the fifth day of trial over alleged trade secret misappropriation, Waymo and Uber announced that they had reached a settlement, and the case was dismissed with prejudice. According to reports, as part of the settlement, Waymo obtained an equity stake in Uber, valued at approximately $245 million. The settlement encompasses both hardware and software trade secrets.

Driverless Vehicles and Real Estate

The advent of self-driving cars will certainly transform transportation and, in turn, the auto insurance market. But other industries are also likely to be affected by self-driving technology. A recent article contends that once driverless cars come into use, real estate may no longer be “all about location, location, location.” The ability to commute in autonomous vehicles may drive...