Google’s Autonomous Vehicles: Slow Speeds, Adapting to Emergency Situations, and a Minor Accident

As the development of Google’s driverless car progresses, the company recently reported on topics such as its slow speed, it’s reaction to emergency signals, and accident updates. First, one of the vehicles was stopped by police last month for driving too slowly (24 mph in a 35 mph zone). Google explained that although the self-driving car can go faster, slower speeds both assist the development process and are generally safer. Second, Google reported that the car has a variety of responses to emergency vehicles, including driving more cautiously when its software library identifies an emergency siren or stopping before an intersection if flashing lights are detected. And finally, Google noted that it’s two-month accident-free streak was broken in a minor accident. The self-driving vehicle stopped at a red light, indicating that it planned to turn right, and then inched forward to get a better view of traffic. A vehicle from behind then rear-ended the car at 4 mph.

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